About Maxima-online

Original Maxim online web interface was designed, based on Jacomax, for ad hoc using of Maxima computer program. Maxima online operation and commands are the same as that of Maxima. List of commands can be found in Help. Simple examples of algebraic operations, such as equations, matrixes, functions, etc., are demonstrated in the Examples section.

Plotting with Maxima

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Some of Algebra examples

Basic arithmetic operations

addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, etc. ..

Try this example
(%i1) 1+1;
(%o1)                                  2
(%i2) 9*5.78;
(%o2)                                52.02
(%i3) 8/9;

(%o3)                                  -
(%i4) 8/9,numer;
(%o4)                          0.88888888888889
(%i5) 2^2;
(%o5)                                  4
(%i6) sqrt(2);
(%o6)                               sqrt(2)
(%i7) sqrt(2),numer;
(%o7)                          1.414213562373095
(%i8) %pi, numer;
(%o8)                          3.141592653589793

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